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Drums and Percussion
Brand Snareweight


The ultimate snare damper.

Snareweight is the fastest way to make your snare drum sound its best. Made of solid brass, a strong neodymium magnet (for removable attachment to your rim) and replaceable leather inserts that help shape your sound, it will be the most loyal little buddy in your ever-changing stick bag.

Snareweight #5 is used for three-flanged hoops, while Snareweight #5+ Pro Lock is used for die-cast hoops.

The other nice feature of Snareweight is that it adds more mass to your snare head, which helps to evenly smooth out the lower and mid frequencies of sound that cannot be achieved by other methods. The high frequency unwanted ring is formed by the chosen insert. By retaining all the existing frequencies and their levels, the true sound of your snare head is emphasized, resulting in a softer and richer sound. Snareweight 5 and a range of inserts, the M1, M80 and more are coming in 2020!

From a technical point of view, the weight of a Snareweight takes about 2-3 dB of compression off your drum, which helps in picking up levels and putting them into the mix. The lighter the snareweight, the lower the compression. The middle sweet spot of your drum is also wider and more pliable. Finally, your rim shots will feel great, and you'll notice improved clarity when you play all over the head and no dull spots.

The Snareweight was developed and tested from 2009 to 2020 in South San Francisco, CA in an all analog recording studio where it is currently manufactured.