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Brand SlapKlatz


SlapKlatz manufactures, in your opinion, the most versatile drum dampers on the market.
These drum gel mutes allow drummers to easily remove, control and handle unwanted ring and overtones from their drums and cymbals without affecting the sound or feel of the instrument.

To achieve this, some things must be done right.

First and foremost is the material. Our gel is designed to be extremely sticky. This allows our mutes to stay on the barrels no matter where you place them. These dampers will even stick to your bottom heads.

The next thing to consider is the size and thickness. This is very important! SlapKlatz have spent so much time testing this, and you can find the right fit in the PRO package. This Drum Damper Kit gives you everything a professional drummer needs to control and improve the sound of his drums. Tried and tested SlapKlatz's conviction that the choice and use of the damper is crucial.
SlapKlatz is available in various colors and configurations.