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Sabian AA SA21216B « Chinese-CymbalSabian AA SA21216B, Chinese-Cymbal£ 135,- Sabian AA SA21809B « Crash-CymbalSabian AA SA21809B, Crash-Cymbal£ 218,- Sabian AA SA22116CSB « Chinese-CymbalSabian AA SA22116CSB, Chinese-Cymbal£ 306,- Sabian AA SA21402B « Hi-Hat-CymbalSabian AA SA21402B, Hi-Hat-Cymbal£ 339,- Sabian AA SA21716CSB « Chinese-CymbalSabian AA SA21716CSB, Chinese-Cymbal£ 192,- Sabian AA 10" Brilliant Mini Holy China « Chinese-CymbalSabian AA 10" Brilliant Mini Holy China, Chinese-Cymbal£ 123,- Sabian AA 10" Mini Holy China « Chinese-CymbalSabian AA 10" Mini Holy China, Chinese-Cymbal£ 138,- Sabian AA SA20805B « SplashSabian AA SA20805B, Splash£ 99,- Sabian AA SA21005B « SplashSabian AA SA21005B, Splash£ 100,- Sabian AA SA2180772B « Crash-CymbalSabian AA SA2180772B, Crash-Cymbal£ 221,- Sabian AA 12" Brilliant Mini Holy China « Chinese-CymbalSabian AA 12" Brilliant Mini Holy China, Chinese-Cymbal£ 135,- Sabian AA 12" Mini Holy China « Chinese-CymbalSabian AA 12" Mini Holy China, Chinese-Cymbal£ 165,- Sabian AA 8" Brilliant Mini Holy China « Chinese-CymbalSabian AA 8" Brilliant Mini Holy China, Chinese-Cymbal£ 110,- Sabian AA 8" Mini Holy China « Chinese-CymbalSabian AA 8" Mini Holy China, Chinese-Cymbal£ 109,- Sabian AA Performance Set « Cymbal SetSabian AA Performance Set, Cymbal Set£ 688,- Sabian AA SA21416B « Chinese-CymbalSabian AA SA21416B, Chinese-Cymbal£ 150,- Sabian AA SA21422 « Marching CymbalsSabian AA SA21422, Marching Cymbals£ 308,- Sabian AA SA21606B « Crash-CymbalSabian AA SA21606B, Crash-Cymbal£ 189,- Sabian AA SA2160772B « Crash-CymbalSabian AA SA2160772B, Crash-Cymbal£ 198,- Sabian AA SA21609B « Crash-CymbalSabian AA SA21609B, Crash-Cymbal£ 197,- Sabian AA SA21609MB « Crash-CymbalSabian AA SA21609MB, Crash-Cymbal£ 188,- Sabian AA SA21660B El Sabor « Crash-CymbalSabian AA SA21660B El Sabor, Crash-Cymbal£ 189,- Sabian AA SA21689 « Marching CymbalsSabian AA SA21689, Marching Cymbals£ 184,- Sabian AA SA21709MB « Crash-CymbalSabian AA SA21709MB, Crash-Cymbal£ 215,- Sabian AA SA21806B « Crash-CymbalSabian AA SA21806B, Crash-Cymbal£ 221,- Sabian AA SA21808B « Crash-CymbalSabian AA SA21808B, Crash-Cymbal£ 222,- Sabian AA SA21809MB « Crash-CymbalSabian AA SA21809MB, Crash-Cymbal£ 232,- Sabian AA SA21816B « Chinese-CymbalSabian AA SA21816B, Chinese-Cymbal£ 237,- Sabian AA SA21816MB « Chinese-CymbalSabian AA SA21816MB, Chinese-Cymbal£ 227,- Sabian AA SA21916CSB « Chinese-CymbalSabian AA SA21916CSB, Chinese-Cymbal£ 247,- Sabian AA SA22009B « Crash-CymbalSabian AA SA22009B, Crash-Cymbal£ 253,- Sabian AA SA22014B « Ride-CymbalSabian AA SA22014B, Ride-Cymbal£ 254,- Sabian AA SA22014MB « Ride-CymbalSabian AA SA22014MB, Ride-Cymbal£ 265,- Sabian AA SA22114B « Ride-CymbalSabian AA SA22114B, Ride-Cymbal£ 280,- Sabian AA SA221BCB « Ride-CymbalSabian AA SA221BCB, Ride-Cymbal£ 279,- Sabian AA SA22280A Apollo « Ride-CymbalSabian AA SA22280A Apollo, Ride-Cymbal£ 320,- Sabian AA SA22480A Apollo « Ride-CymbalSabian AA SA22480A Apollo, Ride-Cymbal£ 350,- Sabian AA SA224BCB « Ride-CymbalSabian AA SA224BCB, Ride-Cymbal£ 332,-

Sabian AA

Sabian Cymbals combine energy with a bright musical sound. These basins bring movement into the band - at any volume, with powerful, rich sound and unmatched versatility.

Sabian AA cymbals are made ​​from 80% copper and 20% tin. The character of this series arises from the fact that each tank is individually cast. By rolling out the blanks in up to 8 different directions, the pool gets a very high flexibility.

Dome and vault are pressed with a printing press in the flat, round blank. Subsequently, the basin is being hammered by machine and turned by hand. Thus, each pool's individual sound qualities.