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The name Remo stands for drumheads of absolutely top quality and more than 50 years of experience. During the 60s, 70s and 80s Remo supplied drummers from around the world with impressive innovations when it comes to drum heads. From percussionists and orchestra timpani players up to Drum Corps and rock jazz or blues drummers. Technical sophistication, as previously no one could implement, enabled this company to meet all requirements. New films and coatings made the development of skin types possible that still are unmatched. Controlled Sound, Pinstripe, Smooth White, Powerstroke, Fiberskyn, Suede, Renaissance and Nuskyn. The latest addition is called Acousticon. This is a unique, wood-based material, which compliments the sound characteristics of your drums perfectly. With the introduction of the Advanced Series Acousticon Remo moved up as the market leader in the rapidly growing percussion market.