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Nino ADJ2-XS Water Rhythm « DjembeNino ADJ2-XS Water Rhythm, Djembe£ 41,- Nino 569R rot « MaracasNino 569R rot, Maracas£ 5,60 Nino NINO579L Energy Chime Big « ChimesNino NINO579L Energy Chime Big, Chimes£ 9,90 Nino 3NT-HK « BongosNino 3NT-HK, Bongos£ 78,- Nino NINO931GR Bongo Cajon « BongosNino NINO931GR Bongo Cajon, Bongos£ 22,50 Nino 701 « CabasaNino 701, Cabasa£ 15,10 Nino 22 Woodblock « Alto Wood BlockNino 22 Woodblock, Alto Wood Block£ 12,50 Nino 552, ca. 20cm « TriangleNino 552, ca. 20cm, Triangle£ 14,70 Nino NINO45R « HanddrumNino NINO45R, Handdrum£ 14,10 Nino 502 « ClavesNino 502, Claves£ 4,40 Nino Hand Drum Set « HanddrumNino Hand Drum Set, Handdrum£ 66,- Nino Wood Stirring Drum « Add. PercussionNino Wood Stirring Drum, Add. Percussion£ 16,60 Nino NINO34 « Ocean drumNino NINO34, Ocean drum£ 31,50 Nino NINO567 Triangle Beater « Percussion SticksNino NINO567 Triangle Beater, Percussion Sticks£ 2,55 Nino 560 Wooden Agogo « Standard Agogo BellsNino 560 Wooden Agogo, Standard Agogo Bells£ 13,30 Nino NINO950 « CajonNino NINO950, Cajon£ 48,10 Nino NINO950OR « CajonNino NINO950OR, Cajon£ 49,50 Nino NINO960 Bell Stick « BellsNino NINO960 Bell Stick, Bells£ 3,30 Nino NINO-ADJ4-S « DjembeNino NINO-ADJ4-S, Djembe£ 51,- Nino NINO579S Energy Chime Small « ChimesNino NINO579S Energy Chime Small, Chimes£ 9,50 Nino 562 Eggshaker « ShakerNino 562 Eggshaker, Shaker£ 4,20 Nino 574 « ClavesNino 574, Claves£ 5,70 Nino African ADJ2-S Water Rhythm « DjembeNino African ADJ2-S Water Rhythm, Djembe£ 52,- Nino NINO45Y « HanddrumNino NINO45Y, Handdrum£ 14,10 Nino NINO581BK « GuiroNino NINO581BK, Guiro£ 10,80 Nino NINO9 « Orff BeaterNino NINO9, Orff Beater£ 1,50 Nino NINO-ADJ4-XS « DjembeNino NINO-ADJ4-XS, Djembe£ 39,- Nino Elements Green Apple Mini Djembe « DjembeNino Elements Green Apple Mini Djembe, Djembe£ 24,85 Nino 563 Eggshaker « ShakerNino 563 Eggshaker, Shaker£ 8,20 Nino Jingle Stick Black « TambourineNino Jingle Stick Black, Tambourine£ 8,90 Nino NINO4GG « HanddrumNino NINO4GG, Handdrum£ 13,30 Nino NINO5Y « HanddrumNino NINO5Y, Handdrum£ 16,60 Nino Transparent Egg Shaker Pair « ShakerNino Transparent Egg Shaker Pair, Shaker£ 5,95 Nino NINO569OR Egg Maracas Orange « MaracasNino NINO569OR Egg Maracas Orange, Maracas£ 5,50 Nino 509 Ballshaker Harlekin « ShakerNino 509 Ballshaker Harlekin, Shaker£ 8,30 Nino 566 Eggmaracas « MaracasNino 566 Eggmaracas, Maracas£ 14,05 Nino 8" Graphic Design Junior Djembe « DjembeNino 8" Graphic Design Junior Djembe, Djembe£ 51,- Nino Blue Wrist Bell « BellsNino Blue Wrist Bell, Bells£ 2,75 Nino Elements Fire Engine Mini Djembe « DjembeNino Elements Fire Engine Mini Djembe, Djembe£ 24,85 Nino Elements Lemon Mini Djembe « DjembeNino Elements Lemon Mini Djembe, Djembe£ 24,85 Nino Green Wrist Bell « BellsNino Green Wrist Bell, Bells£ 2,75 Nino HEAD-NINO-3-75 « Percussion HeadNino HEAD-NINO-3-75, Percussion Head£ 23,40 Nino NINO10 « MaracasNino NINO10, Maracas£ 15,45 Nino NINO24R « TambourineNino NINO24R, Tambourine£ 26,50 Nino NINO36 « HanddrumNino NINO36, Handdrum£ 46,- Nino NINO38 « HanddrumNino NINO38, Handdrum£ 49,- Nino NINO39 « HanddrumNino NINO39, Handdrum£ 51,- Nino NINO4Y « HanddrumNino NINO4Y, Handdrum£ 12,40 Nino NINO521 « ShakerNino NINO521, Shaker£ 10,70 Nino NINO576B « ClavesNino NINO576B, Claves£ 13,20 Nino NINO576OR « ClavesNino NINO576OR, Claves£ 13,20 Nino NINO579L-B « ChimesNino NINO579L-B, Chimes£ 11,20 Nino NINO89-9 « Percussion HeadNino NINO89-9, Percussion Head£ 39,05 Nino NINO-ADJ4-XXS « DjembeNino NINO-ADJ4-XXS, Djembe£ 17,10 Nino Sand Blocks Blue Pair « Add. PercussionNino Sand Blocks Blue Pair, Add. Percussion£ 3,30 Nino 505 « Standard Agogo BellsNino 505, Standard Agogo Bells£ 15,70 Nino NINO555 « GuiroNino NINO555, Guiro£ 14,90 Nino 570 Tone Block « Add. PercussionNino 570 Tone Block, Add. Percussion£ 9,- Nino Sand Blocks Red « Add. PercussionNino Sand Blocks Red, Add. Percussion£ 3,40 Nino NINO951-MYO « CajonNino NINO951-MYO, Cajon£ 22,90


NINO Percussion belongs to Meinl Percussion GmbH & Co.KG and offers an extraordinary range of musical instruments that have been developed specifically for children. These instruments do justice to the requirements of early musical education and are ideal for nursery, school, music therapy or other musical activities. NINO Percussion’s products are not toys but real instruments, designed for safety, durability, attractiveness and playability for children and adolescents. But what is most important, they are melodic and tuned. Indeed, the only difference between NINO percussion instruments and instruments that were designed for adults is in the size and design of the instrument. These appealing and attractive designs are all "Made in Germany". The high quality and the many sound options are very popular among young musicians of all ages as well as music teachers because no matter whether the music is played alone or in a group, the performance is convincing as is the sound quality of NINO percussion instruments . NINO percussion instruments offer the perfect choice for young musicians and their tutors.