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Drums and Percussion
Brand Mapex Series
  • Armory

  • Black Panther

  • Falcon

  • Mars

  • Saturn

  • Saturn Evolution

  • Storm

  • Tornado


MAPEX has been one of the most famous names in the drum industry for decades as a manufacturer of high quality drum products. Many professional drummers rely on the perfect processing of drum shells and hardware parts from Mapex and profit from the perfect and unmistakable sound of these drums.

Among other things, many modern drummers such as Chris Adler, Russ Miller, Will Calhoun Tony Coleman Josh Devine, Matt Halpern, Ivan Edwards, Aaron McVeigh , and Vom Ritchie Have played Mapex for several years and not without reason: for the live performance or in the studio, these instruments deliver the best results and not only the audience, but also for many beginners, advanced drummers and thoroughbred professionals.

An important part of the Mapex product range is the very successful "Black Panther" series. Starting off with a few snare drums, which are now a standard of drum construction, the series currently contains many different snares in various sizes and materials for every musical direction and every taste. Since 2013 the Black Panther Drumsets represent the Mapex flagship.