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Drums and Percussion
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Lefima Percussion is Germany's first drum factory and manufacturer of percussion instruments of all kinds, especially for orchestras, bands, brass bands, medieval bands etc. The company is located in Cham, Germany. Since its foundation in 1861 Lefima has been family-owned, now in the 5th generation. The production of the assortment is exclusively in Germany at the location Cham, Bavaria.

The guiding principle of the company history is creativity and inventive talent. The new company logo Lefima Innovation stands for trend-setting innovations and developments in the marching and orchestra sector. The red dot is a striking spot on a head of the instrument between two mallets and at the same time the focus of the company's goal: high quality products and satisfied customers.

Hardly any other group of instruments is as diverse as percussion instruments. From the tambourine to the concert kettledrum and everything in between, there are now almost two thousand items used in music.

The main field of Lefima are percussion instruments for symphony orchestras, theaters, opera houses and soloists, marching, Guggen and woodwinds, historical ensembles, early music education in schools and kindergartens, music therapy etc.

The sales program of Lefima includes over three thousand articles for the elementary range for beginners up to professional instruments. Instrument service and repair as well as the restoration of percussion instruments with museum character, i. e. "oldtimers", and the production of original spare parts are another specialty.