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Drums and Percussion
Brand Hardcase Series
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Being a drumset on tour, you will find that you are having a hard time, your not only taking a beating on stage but you also have to live up to being shoved around all the time, taken from the warm stage into the cold tour bus, you’ll be left in the dirt and dust and maybe even puddles of spilled booze and the helping hands on your tour are far from being sensitive, but then; you are sensitive and you definitely don’t come cheap, and your crazy owner should pay attention to your protection to keep you in good shape whilst on the road. Well a good protection will help you feel good and save you from loosing too much weight in value.

The company Hardcase has got just what you need, professional cases for drummers. (Hardcase drum HC-20B, Hardcase snare HC-SSK, Hardcase floor tom HC-14FT, Hardcase set Standard and more.) and percussionists (Hardcase HC-BONGO, Hardcase Djembe HNDJ10, Hardcase Timbalitos HC-14/¬15T, Hardcase Tumba HC-TUMBA i.e.). Hardcases are made in Great Britain by Hardcase International Ltd. The new generation of Hardcase is made from an extremely durable and waterproof plastic and made in one piece, with no nasty rivets and sharp corners. A tearproof polypropylene strap with a stable „Snap Lock“ quick locks connect body and lid. The cases are good to handle due to the "Anti-Twist" comfort grip (amplifier type) Hardcase is used by Nicko McBrain, Gary Husband, Thomas Lang, Matt Letley, Sam Maloney, Richard Brook, Nikolaj Bjerre, Roger Odell, Gavin Harrison, Richard Hughes, James Duncan, Matt Steele and many more.