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Evans Heavyweight B12HW « Snare HeadEvans Heavyweight B12HW, Snare Head£ 17,- Evans Heavyweight B14HW « Snare HeadEvans Heavyweight B14HW, Snare Head£ 18,15 Evans Heavyweight EMAD BD20EMADHW « Bass-Drum HeadEvans Heavyweight EMAD BD20EMADHW, Bass-Drum Head£ 41,25 Evans Heavyweight EMAD BD22EMADHW « Bass-Drum HeadEvans Heavyweight EMAD BD22EMADHW, Bass-Drum Head£ 40,15 Evans Heavyweight B13HW « Snare HeadEvans Heavyweight B13HW, Snare Head£ 18,70 Evans Heavyweight EMAD BD18EMADHW « Bass-Drum HeadEvans Heavyweight EMAD BD18EMADHW, Bass-Drum Head£ 39,50 Evans Heavyweight EMAD BD24EMADHW « Bass-Drum HeadEvans Heavyweight EMAD BD24EMADHW, Bass-Drum Head£ 46,-

Evans Heavyweight

Evans Heavyweight heads feature two plies of film. The combination of two identical plies of 10mil film provides maximum durability and a compressed attack while maintaining a wide dynamic range. The Reverse Dot lends extra durability, focus and attack in the center.