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Drumtacs are removable, reusable, super-sticky sound insulation pads. When used properly, they will not damage hitting surfaces and nothing will come off, flutter, buzz or fly around, including: floor heads, vertical heads, under the cymbals, or in bells and blocks... even with heavy hitting and extreme temperatures, a secure fit is guaranteed.

Not just a damper! Drumtacs are selective. A single Tac, placed about one centimeter from the edge, removes only the high frequency overtone, leaving a deeper focused sound with improved response and attack. As the Tac is moved toward the center of the drum, more frequencies are removed and damping occurs. Drums with an unpleasant buzz or ring can often be tamed with drum tacs... try two!!! One on the beating foot and one on the resonating foot (below).

A single Tac, placed on the bottom of a cymbal near the dome, darkens slightly and softens the sound. Placed on the rim, the Tac strongly dampens the sound. Between these two placements are endless possibilities for sound control.