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Drums and Percussion
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The Dixon Mission
Dedicated to the idea that all drummers share the same aspiration, Dixon has paired its reputation for quality manufacturing with its high regard for the drummer's collective. It is this combination of craftsmanship and community that shapes our future, where player satisfaction and interaction extend all the way to the product, and where relationships, education and enriching lives are central.

Whether you play drums or build them, the goal is the same: the ideal look, the optimal sound and the ultimate performance. So Dixon's development and innovation begins from the drummer's perspective - behind the drum kit.

Their look is as distinctive as it gets, from the configuration of the drum kit and the design of the cabinet to the style and scheme of the hardware. Whether your setup is considered inside-the-box or out-of-the-box, your instrument raises expectations before the band even gets on stage. Dixon offers options that will get your friends, supporters, and fans to stop, watch, and listen.

Your sound makes all the difference, in the way you play and the impression you make. Whether you're voting for a producer or an audience, versatility is the key. Dixon's craftsmen pride themselves on quality and consistency. They build cabinets that respond to any combination of drumheads, tune easily and stand out from the crowd.

Their performance is all that counts when it comes to showtime - hardware that lasts, pedals that fly and drums that sing. Whether you're drumming at work, at school, or playing, reliability supports your performance and makes your brand, a responsibility that Dixon takes to heart.