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The colourful Boomwhackers Musical Tubes have been on their triumphal victory classroom course for some time now. The invention is genial and, at the same time, quite simple: The whole spectrum of tones can be created on long plastic tubes of different lengths. Each colour stands for a different tone; a red tube, for example, will play a flat C´.

You can also create different sounds by beating the colourful percussion bars on different surfaces - e.g. the floor, a table, your knee or hand. If you hit Boomwhackers against each other they play different intervals; if you hit them flat on the ground they produce explosive sounds, so called "floor shots". The list of sounds is endless. Although each variation has one thing in common: they can be learnt in no time at all. The soft and at the same time robust material is nearly indestructable and guarantees long life and long play.

The inexpensive price and extremly easy play make Boomwhackers quite good for group work and early musical education. They enjoy great popularity in nurseries and schools, in music therapies or group games. As a rule you can say that a Boomwhacker-set consists of 5 - 8 sound tubes which are either pentatonic, diatonic or chromatic - depending on the model. The diatonic standard set consists of e.g. the tunes C´, D´, E´, F´, G´, A´, B´, C", the chromatomic extention has all half-notes, C#´, D#´, F#´, G#´ und A#´. By putting on seperate octave caps the Boomwhackers can be tuned one octave deeper.

The name Boomwhackers is composed of the word BOOM, for the onomatopoeic sound, and WHACK, for "hit". Boomwhackers can be used as rhythm instruments or in addition to other instruments as a melody maker. Yet, the most important cue is the harmonious sing-song accompaniment.

The body play and the colourful appearance are motivating for learners of all ages. Boomwhackers can be applyed in various ways: They choreographically assist the rhythmic competence, they strengthen the cooperate feeling and cognition and they can emphasize musical phenomenons like the dependence of wind lengths. Especially for beginners without previous knowledge, the easy play can be encouraging and exculpatory.

Of course, you can also purchase educational books at Musik Produktiv for an easy introduction.