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"Gauger Percussion Inc. "
Gary Gauger invented the original RIMS® mount in the mid-1970s while working as a drummer. From his first drum set as a teenager, he observed the problems caused by traditional drum mounting and how it negatively affected the drum's natural resonant ability. After inventing RIMS®, he took his drums to the Minneapolis recording studio where he worked, and the engineers were amazed at how different his drums sounded. When he showed them what he had come up with, they encouraged him to do something with it to make it available to other drummers.

After receiving a basic foundation for RIMS®, Gary began to present his invention to the heads of various drum companies. Ludwig, Slingerland, Remo, etc., all passed the idea on. None of them could understand what it meant for the drums, and some were offended by the idea that there was something that could make their drums sound better. But RIMS® slowly began to spread, and when the drummers saw pictures of the system, they immediately understood what it did. Gary began receiving calls from some of the best drummers in Los Angeles. Gary made RIMS® by hand in his garage and just tried to keep up with the orders.

When business and marketing investors finally came to RIMS®, it was the mid-1980s when PureCussion was founded. They licensed RIMS® from Gary, and although they were able to produce, market and distribute RIMS® on a large scale, lack of quality control and general distrust left Gary dissatisfied with the partnership. It led to the joint development of the RIMS® HeadSet, which Gary invented alongside a PureCussion senior engineer. The two worked very well together and complemented each other's skills in making the kit.

When PureCussion decided to close its doors in the mid-1990s, Gary got all his ideas back. While the RIMS® patent expired, he still owned the trademark, and he was finally free to improve on his original design and create the extremely high-quality product he had always wanted. This led to the RIMS® alloy mount that we sell today.

Gauger Percussion Inc. (GPI) manufactures the RIMS® Alloy Pro Series and the Dynamount™ Floor Tom System, Flex Frame™ Snare Stand Isolation System, Flex Tips™ Floor Tom Leg Isolators, Lockerz™ Tension Rod Locks, and SticPod™ Multi-Angle Stick Holder. Everyone at GPI is a drummer, but also artists in other functions. Over the years, many mounting systems have emerged that claim to do what RIMS® do, but they all ignore the basic and essential elements involved in mounting a drum so that it is isolated and can vibrate freely. We continue to manufacture the only insulating mounting system for drum sets.