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Drum Accessories Drum mute pads Brand Thinwood Subcategory
  • cushion

  • Damper set

  • Drum muffler

  • Cymbal muffler

  • Hi-Hat muffler

  • Snare-Drum Damper

  • Bass-Drum Damper

  • Drum-Set Damper


Thinwood Creative Drumming. The new Drum Practice pad for all players, dampening with optimum rebound! The Thinwood pads are a new, rebound capable practice pad which provide a special dampening for the entire drum set. Unlike other products on the market they get the sound of the drums, but just much quieter. The pads are placed on the drum and you can play away. The highlight, The natural rebound remains! These are no ordinary Practice pads! These special pads can be used to dampen the sound for use in playalongs, band rehearsals, practice and for percussion lessons. For live use they can also be used for Videos where playback is needed or playback shows or even for quiet gigs. A warm-up before the gig is also possible! Creativity knows no boundaries. The volume of Playalongs remains appropriately audible, so the drummer can control his playing much better. Technical exercises (for example, vertebral exercises or Paradiddle) and rythm can be done in a reasonable volume. Finally your ears, parents, neighbours and everyone else will thank you. The Thinwood pad is not only gentle on the wrist with noticeable stop, it is also environmentally friendly and low odor. The Thinwood pads are simply placed on the drum. The Thinwood pads consist of a rebound optimized material. The special features and benefits are specifically tailored to the needs of the drummer. The high quality allows for a long service life when being used for the recommended application.