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It is often said that necessity is the mother of invention. It was the same with Cympad.

Reto Hirschi is a professional drummer and teacher based in Switzerland who noticed that the noise level of his cymbals was often too loud in performance and recording situations. Reto was convinced that there must be a better way to "tame" his cymbals.

To meet this need, Reto came up with the idea of replacing the standard floor basin felt with a larger floor basin felt. This small change resulted in a much less aggressive, less loud, less washed-out sound without changing the general sound characteristics of the cymbal. He replaced the traditional felt disc with a disc made of an advanced cellular foam. He then began trying different washer sizes to create additional sound control options. The Cympad Company called Reto's invention "Cympad Moderators" and was born in 2005 with the introduction of 50, 60, 70, 80, 90 and 100 mm moderator models into the drums world.

Cympad moderators immediately received positive feedback from drummers and sound engineers. Some even considered the moderators a revolution for drummers. Reto quickly began to build a market for his new products and established an international network of dealers and distributors.

The cellular foam he used for the moderators could also work in other drumset applications. The result of his efforts was a new type of cymbal washers that offered better cymbal suspension, better insulation of stands and mounting parts, better cymbal sound and a more comfortable, natural playing feel. He called this group of cymbal sound enhancers "Cympad Optimizers" and offered them in a selection of models that fit all cymbal types and sizes.

"Cympad Chromatics", cellular foam cymbal discs in a variety of bright, attractive colors, is the third and newest series of cellular foam cymbal discs from Cympad. It seemed that drummers enjoyed the ability to enhance the sound and customize the look of their drum kits as Chromatics quickly became one of the world's best-selling drum accessories.

Today, Cympad moderators, optimizers and chromatics are available in more than 40 countries and are used and supported by the world's best drummers, including Aaron Spears, Stanley Randolph, Shannon Larkin, Stanton Moore, Stephen Perkins, Johnny Rabb, Rich Redmond, Walfredo Reyes Jr., Steve Smith, Thomas Lang and many others. His company Cympad continues to develop innovations that meet the needs of modern drummers.