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Brand DiMarzio Series
  • 7-saitig

  • Cliplock

  • E-Bass-4

  • HB in SingleCoil Form

  • Humbucker

  • SingleCoil Strat

  • SingleCoil Tele

  • Soapbar


DiMarzio, Inc. is a United States manufacturer best known for its direct-replacement guitar pickups. Also, they produce guitar accessories, such as cables and straps.
DiMarzio became known for its Super Distortion model, which was the first after-market replacement guitar pickup. It was introduced in 1972 and is still one of the most popular models.
It has around twice the impedance of a PAF-type pickup, and a stronger ceramic magnet. This drove the input stage of guitar amplifiers with roughly twice as much voltage as a PAF pickup, so that an overdriven distorted sound was easier to obtain.
Dimarzio has patented two specific technological advancements in pickup design:
Dual-Resonance design which uses two asymmetrical coils tuned to different frequencies to produce unique sounds and their Airbucker design which reduces string pull and increases sensitivity and sustain.
Steve Vai, Joe Satriani and Ritchie Sambora are just a few of the names associated with Dimarzio.