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Denon is a leader in professional audio technology. Denon has secured a top position for technologic innovations for the 21st century and beyond, due to there extensive research work, development capacities as well as the international support of their own production and distribution networks. The brand Denon belongs to the company Nippon Columbia Co. Ltd., founded 1910 by Frederick Whitney Horne in Japan, at first to produce gramophones and 78 rpm records. In 1951 Denon was the first company to sell records in Japan and in 1953 the pick up system DL-103 was first show and created a product line still in production today. In 1971 Denon started building and distributing electronic audio devices such as tape-decks and record-players, a year later the industry was shocked when the first digital LP was shown. Denon is part of the D&M Holdings, Inc., just as Marantz. Today Denon is very present in the home cinema sector, the A/V receiver and DVD players are solid and well build. Furthermore Denon has a range of professional DJ products, of which the CD players are in great DJ favour. To always keep up-to-date and improve the DJ sector, Denon has always reacted to wishes and suggestions of users and thus perfectionised the design and production technology. Denons CD/MP3 turntable players are the result of feedbacks drawn from many DJ´s worldwide regarding the double CD player. The player was not just cut in half, nor were other products imitated. The Denon DN-S5000 and Denon DN-S3000 are marked by the active platter and take CD DJ´ing a step further. The single and double CD players are leading DJ tools in the market today.