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Brand DAP Audio

DAP Audio

DAP Audio is a brand name for audio and PA products made by the Dutch company Highlight. The product rage is available in over 65 countries. Highlite owns 2 own brands: DAP Audio and showtec.
A wide variety of DAP Audio products with a very special value for money grant for a professional stage and dance floor performance. DAP Audio is a full service partner for Joss and stage artists, they offer CD-Players (DAP Audio 750-S Single, DAP Audio 750-D Dual, DAP Audio 800D MKII Professional, DAP Audio 900D Professional 19" Twin i.e.), amp’s (DAP Audio P-400 Vintage Stereo Power, DAP Audio P-900 Vintage Stereo Power, DAP Audio Cesium 200 Compact Power, DAP Audio VISION-1600 High Power Stereo i.e.), record players (DAP Audio T-1000 Belt Drive DJ, DAP Audio T-1500 Belt Drive DJ, DAP Audio T-4000 High Torque DJ, DAP Audio DJ-set 1 ready-to-use set i.e.), loudspeakers (DAP Audio MI-150 full range speaker 5", DAP Audio RW-155 full range cabinet, DAP Audio SoundMate Active 1 MK-II, DAP Audio CSA-18LH active long horn-loaded bass i.e.) and DAP Audio cable. DAP Audio also offers affordable audio solutions for stages, clubs, churches and other public announcements. Through continuous innovation and progression Highlite International has become a large and professionally organised business with arround 95 employees, 3500 products and over 10.000 m² floor space.