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Before starting the „Danelectro Company“in 1947 the founder Nathan Daniel was developing amplifiers for Epiphone from 1934 – 1946. To become independent he founded his own company and started to produce amplifiers as a contractor for Sears and Montgomery Ward. In 1954 Danelectro began making guitars and basses; they became very famous because of the “Lipstick-tube” pickup
used. Danelectro presented a range of bizarre guitars in 1956 and became know worldwide, the fantastic “Signature Sound” turned these guitars and basses in to best sellers over night. Danelectro Instrument can be heard on literally thousands of recordings from the 50´s and 60´s. At the same time Danelectro was the first company to make a six string bass guitar that were soon copied by companies like Fender (Fender VI). In 1966 Danelectro was acquired by MCA (Music corporation of America) A year later the Danelectro Coral series was introduced, it featured semi hollow bodies and electric sitars. In 1969 the company had to fold. The rights were sold and Danelectro started business once again in 1990. They offer a range of Silvertone guitar replicas and have also specialised in the distribution of guitar effects. The updated cult guitars and basses have a very distinctive sound for blues, rock and oldies. The gear is super light and easy to use for many guitarists and bassists. The new Danelectro effects are good looking and have that special retro touch; they sound great and offer a lot for the budget.