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Sabian AAX SA20805XB « SplashSabian AAX SA20805XB, Splash£ 93,- Sabian AAX SA2201287XB « Ride-CymbalSabian AAX SA2201287XB, Ride-Cymbal£ 269,- Sabian AAX SA21787XB « Crash-CymbalSabian AAX SA21787XB, Crash-Cymbal£ 215,- Sabian AAX 10" Aero Splash « SplashSabian AAX 10" Aero Splash, Splash£ 118,- Sabian AAX 12" Aero Splash « SplashSabian AAX 12" Aero Splash, Splash£ 144,- Sabian AAX 18" O-Zone Crash « Crash-CymbalSabian AAX 18" O-Zone Crash, Crash-Cymbal£ 259,- Sabian AAX 21" Raw Bell Dry Ride Brilliant « Ride-CymbalSabian AAX 21" Raw Bell Dry Ride Brilliant, Ride-Cymbal£ 297,- Sabian AAX SA21005XAB « SplashSabian AAX SA21005XAB, Splash£ 118,- Sabian AAX SA21600XB « Crash-CymbalSabian AAX SA21600XB, Crash-Cymbal£ 204,- Sabian AAX SA21606XB « Crash-CymbalSabian AAX SA21606XB, Crash-Cymbal£ 193,- Sabian AAX SA21609XB « Crash-CymbalSabian AAX SA21609XB, Crash-Cymbal£ 193,- Sabian AAX SA21668XB « Crash-CymbalSabian AAX SA21668XB, Crash-Cymbal£ 165,- Sabian AAX SA21687XB « Crash-CymbalSabian AAX SA21687XB, Crash-Cymbal£ 193,- Sabian AAX SA21868XB « Crash-CymbalSabian AAX SA21868XB, Crash-Cymbal£ 232,- Sabian AAX SA218XACB « Crash-CymbalSabian AAX SA218XACB, Crash-Cymbal£ 243,- Sabian AAX SA21968XB « Crash-CymbalSabian AAX SA21968XB, Crash-Cymbal£ 239,- Sabian AAX SA22012XBV « Ride-CymbalSabian AAX SA22012XBV, Ride-Cymbal£ 277,- Sabian AAX SA22087XB « Crash-CymbalSabian AAX SA22087XB, Crash-Cymbal£ 269,- Sabian AAX SA220XACB « Crash-CymbalSabian AAX SA220XACB, Crash-Cymbal£ 280,- Sabian AAX SA22112XB « Ride-CymbalSabian AAX SA22112XB, Ride-Cymbal£ 297,- Sabian AAX  Xplosion Limited Edition Pack « Cymbal SetSabian AAX Xplosion Limited Edition Pack, Cymbal Set£ 675,- Sabian AAX SA22013XB « Ride-CymbalSabian AAX SA22013XB, Ride-Cymbal£ 252,- Sabian AAX SA21187XB « SplashSabian AAX SA21187XB, Splash£ 129,- Sabian AAX SA2140287XB « Hi-Hat-CymbalSabian AAX SA2140287XB, Hi-Hat-Cymbal£ 323,- Sabian AAX SA21808XB « Crash-CymbalSabian AAX SA21808XB, Crash-Cymbal£ 229,- Sabian AAX SA21985XB « Crash-CymbalSabian AAX SA21985XB, Crash-Cymbal£ 247,- Sabian AAX SA21987XB « Crash-CymbalSabian AAX SA21987XB, Crash-Cymbal£ 247,- Sabian AAX 12" Brilliant Aero Splash « SplashSabian AAX 12" Brilliant Aero Splash, Splash£ 144,- Sabian AAX SA21660XH « Crash-CymbalSabian AAX SA21660XH, Crash-Cymbal£ 189,- Sabian AAX SA21806XB « Crash-CymbalSabian AAX SA21806XB, Crash-Cymbal£ 231,- Sabian AAX SA218XFC « Crash-CymbalSabian AAX SA218XFC, Crash-Cymbal£ 232,- Sabian AAX SA216XISOCB « Crash-CymbalSabian AAX SA216XISOCB, Crash-Cymbal£ 204,- Sabian AAX SA21887XB « Crash-CymbalSabian AAX SA21887XB, Crash-Cymbal£ 210,- Sabian AAX 10" Brilliant Aero Splash « SplashSabian AAX 10" Brilliant Aero Splash, Splash£ 118,- Sabian AAX  SA21786XB « Chinese-CymbalSabian AAX SA21786XB, Chinese-Cymbal£ 209,- Sabian AAX 19" AAXtreme Chinese SA21986XB « Chinese-CymbalSabian AAX 19" AAXtreme Chinese SA21986XB, Chinese-Cymbal£ 258,- Sabian AAX 21" Raw Bell Dry Ride Regular « Ride-CymbalSabian AAX 21" Raw Bell Dry Ride Regular, Ride-Cymbal£ 312,- Sabian AAX 8" Brilliant Aero Splash « SplashSabian AAX 8" Brilliant Aero Splash, Splash£ 113,- Sabian AAX SA20605XB « SplashSabian AAX SA20605XB, Splash£ 81,- Sabian AAX SA20805XAB « SplashSabian AAX SA20805XAB, Splash£ 113,- Sabian AAX SA21000X « SplashSabian AAX SA21000X, Splash£ 129,- Sabian AAX SA21005XB « SplashSabian AAX SA21005XB, Splash£ 118,- Sabian AAX SA21105XMPB « SplashSabian AAX SA21105XMPB, Splash£ 136,- Sabian AAX SA21200X « SplashSabian AAX SA21200X, Splash£ 146,- Sabian AAX SA21205XB « SplashSabian AAX SA21205XB, Splash£ 135,- Sabian AAX SA21402XBV « Hi-Hat-CymbalSabian AAX SA21402XBV, Hi-Hat-Cymbal£ 328,- Sabian AAX SA21403XB « Hi-Hat-CymbalSabian AAX SA21403XB, Hi-Hat-Cymbal£ 280,- Sabian AAX SA21406XB « Crash-CymbalSabian AAX SA21406XB, Crash-Cymbal£ 167,- Sabian AAX SA21416XB « Chinese-CymbalSabian AAX SA21416XB, Chinese-Cymbal£ 172,- Sabian AAX SA21468XB « Crash-CymbalSabian AAX SA21468XB, Crash-Cymbal£ 167,- Sabian AAX SA21485XB « Crash-CymbalSabian AAX SA21485XB, Crash-Cymbal£ 167,- Sabian AAX SA21487XB « Crash-CymbalSabian AAX SA21487XB, Crash-Cymbal£ 167,- Sabian AAX SA21506XB « Crash-CymbalSabian AAX SA21506XB, Crash-Cymbal£ 173,- Sabian AAX SA21585XB « Crash-CymbalSabian AAX SA21585XB, Crash-Cymbal£ 152,- Sabian AAX SA21586XB « Chinese-CymbalSabian AAX SA21586XB, Chinese-Cymbal£ 178,- Sabian AAX SA21608XB « Crash-CymbalSabian AAX SA21608XB, Crash-Cymbal£ 193,- Sabian AAX SA21616XB « Chinese-CymbalSabian AAX SA21616XB, Chinese-Cymbal£ 193,- Sabian AAX SA21685XB « Crash-CymbalSabian AAX SA21685XB, Crash-Cymbal£ 193,- Sabian AAX SA216XACB « Crash-CymbalSabian AAX SA216XACB, Crash-Cymbal£ 174,- Sabian AAX SA21706XB « Crash-CymbalSabian AAX SA21706XB, Crash-Cymbal£ 215,-

Sabian AAX

Faster and more transparent sound! The basin of the Sabian AAX Series convince by their clarity at any volume, cleanliness and precise definition. They are the right choice for the drummer, the sound of both the maximum and the total control of his cymbal investigated.

Sabian AAX cymbals are to compare the production with the AA series. AAX cymbals have a special "wide impact" hammering, which allows a very bright, and sparkling clean sound.

The "Auto Focus Response 'ensures a wide dynamic range. This unique feature makes it extremely loud or extremely soft to play without disturbing overtones.

AAX cymbals are only "brilliant finish" and are polished to a shine.