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  • Bugle Trumpet


More and more musicians are looking for instruments and equipment that is affordable but are not willing to miss out on top sound and solid manufacturing. This doesn’t have top be a contradiction, just take a look at the instruments by Collins. These fine instruments are distributed exclusively by Musik Produktiv. These instruments are a great alternative for musicians and we have been offering the full Collins range for over 10 years now. All instruments are made to reach our given quality standard and are tested thoroughly before entering the market. E-guitars, acoustic guitars, mandolins, banjos and ukuleles as well as violins, cellos and contrabass and also wind instruments including flutes, saxophones, horns, trombones and trumpets are available from Collins. A range of microphones, DI-boxes, stands and music stands are also on offer.
We support the brand Collins to full strength with over 30 years of experience, know how and servicing.