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Clavia Nord

Founded in Sweden in 1983, Clavia Digital Musical Instruments beginning involved digital drums and sound modules. Clavia later evolved into a manufacturer of stage piano, virtual electro-mechanical pianos, and virtual analog synthesizers. Clavia's first keyboard came in 1995 with the Nord Lead which featured virtual analog synthesis and 16-note polyphony. The Nord Lead synth developed into the Nord Lead 2 and later into the Nord Lead 3, each with improved sound engines and D/A converters. 2001 saw Nord release their Nord Electro which emulated electromechanical keyboards like Hammond organ and various electric pianos. Clavia's current electromechanical keyboards include emulations of the Hammond B3, Vox organs, and a Wurlitzer electric piano. Recent Clavia keyboards are the dual manual Nord C2 Organ with the Nord Electro 3's organ section plus an emulation of a baroque pipe organ, the Nord Drum virtual analog drum synthesizer,and the sample playing Nord Wave keyboard.