Chromatic DeLuxe Steel


The Chromatic DeLuxe Steel is a chromatic harmonica with 48 stainless steel reeds and orange acrylic body and half moon mouthpiece.

She is the 'little sister' of Seydel's top model, the Saxony Chromatic, and she has Seydel's unique stainless steel reeds. The completely newly designed, crescent-shaped curved mouthpiece is fully silver plated and therefore has very good gliding properties.

The Chromatic DeLuxe Steel impresses with its brilliant, full tone on all registers and a great tone response, which is achieved by an extremely airtight and solid construction. High durability and reliability are guaranteed by using only anti-corrosive materials for all parts. The Chromatic De Luxe Steel is also available in many other keys besides the standard version in C / C #.

Here are the features at a glance:

• Full, loud sound and fast tone response through the use of stainless steel reeds (48): High durability and tuning stability even under heavy use

• Solo tuning: 12 channels correspond to three full octaves, equally tempered with a '= 443 Hz

• very smooth and quiet slider for filigree play and fast runs

• reliable ventilation - proven valve material from the Saxony Chromatic

• Less air consumption due to tolerance-optimized nickel silver tuning plates with very good flatness

• stable, corrosion-free stainless steel sound cover

• High-precision CNC-milled acrylic glass case body with optimized chambers for ideal tone response, semi-transparent orange • Many keys are available: LE, LF, G, A, Bb, C, D and C-Orchestra tuning