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In the 70´s Wayne Charvel had a guitar accessories shop in Azusa, California, he also repaired and modified instruments.

Wayne Charvel got into financial problems in late 1978 and decided to sell the shop and the name rights to his partner Grover Jackson.

In 1979 Grover presented his first Charvel guitar to the public. The word spread very fast and soon well known guitarists and bass players such as Alan Holdsworth, Billy Gibbons, Roger Waters, Randy Rhoads, Jake E. Lee, Vivian Campbell, Gary Moore, Dave Murray und Adrian Smith etc were coming to order guitars from Grover Jackson.

Following the built-to-order principle, guitars were only made to order. Absolutely no instrument was made for the shelf. So basically Charvel/Jackson was the first custom shop ever. Until the early 90´s Charvel/Jackson stayed a pure custom shop

Grover Jackson & Randy Rhoads got together in 1981 to develop the Randy Rhoads model. Compared to all other Carvel models the Randy Rhoads model is so different and wild, that Grover decided to put his own name on the headstock. This was a security measure to protect the brand Charvel, if the Ranady Rhoads would fail. The existing instruments with a bolt on neck would keep the Charvel logo, whilst all new instruments with a Thru-neck would be branded with the Jackson logo.

Charvels und Jacksons where made in San Dimas by the same luthiers and both brands became seen as one brand: Charvel/Jackson. The instruments made in San Dimes would soon become a no. 1 choice for musicians all over. On the 29. January 1986 the last Charvel was finished. It was the number 5491! At first this ended the era, of USA Charvels.

For a while all US models were given the Jackson trademark, but now they have switched back and all get the Charvel logo. For the Charvel enthusiasts the only real thing is a San Dimas Charvel. When musicians are talking about guitar’s, ecsecially about Charvel, they are mostly referring to facts regarding the San Dimas guitars.

By the end of 1986 Charvel/Jackson´s custom shop had moved to Ontario in California and since October 2002 Charvel/Jackson is under the management of the FMIC (Fender Musical Instruments Corp.)

The name Charvel/Jackson is not only seen as pioneering the built-to-order custom shop philosophy. The Californian instruments have that special flair of being something special. The great craftsmanship and finishing quality, the premium woods and other components that are all assembled by hand, result in a sensational instrument, a true Hot Rod.