ChamSys MagicQ PC Mini Wing

ChamSys MagicQ PC Mini Wing, Light Controller

Item number: 10102969
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Light Controller • Type: PC-Faderwing
Colour Blue
Number of faders: 10 + 1 Master
Masterregler: 1x Grand-Master
DMX channels: 9216
Max. Number of fixtures: -
Max. Number of dimmer channels: -
Cue Stacks: 1000
Cues: 5000
Playback pages: 200
Storage media: depending on the connected computer
Display: depending on the connected computer

DMX 512: 1x XLR 5pol. Out
Network: depending on the connected computer
Audio: depending on the connected computer
USB: depending on the connected computer
Monitor: depends on the connected computer
RS-232: depending on the connected computer
MIDI: depending on the connected computer
Remote: -
Desklamp: 1x XLR 3pol.
Other: -

Technical specifications
Voltage: 110 - 240V
Current consumption: 0.1 A at 230V
Power supply: external

Mass weight
Dimensions: 26.0 x 18.4 x 5.0 cm
Weight: 2.0 kg The MagicQ PC Wing is based on the same software as the Chamsys consoles and is available in three versions: a mini for easy control with 10 faders + master as well as a DMX output, as standard version with additionally all 8 encoders, the most important programming buttons and 2 DMX Outputs, as well as the Maxi version with all the buttons + controls, which the MQ 100 also has, including 4 DMX outputs. Irrespective of this, each MagicQ PC version can control up to 12 DMX universes via network control. With the ability to transfer programmed shows to other MagicQ consoles via network or USB memory sticks, the MagicQ PC-Wings become a powerful offline show editor or a full-fledged backup console. Also new is the PCPlayback-Wing (without picture) specially developed for PC versions with 12 LCD-labeled faders and a further 12 Execute buttons. The advantage is obvious: a complete lighting control desk with free software, which you can easily carry in the hand luggage of an airplane! Special features - Tracking / non-tracking option - fixture, FX and color foil library - Integrated Fixture Editor - Integrated media engine with font generator - LED pixelmapping - Media server support with live thumbnails - Fixture Morphing and Cloning - Rainbow Color Picker (RGB, HSI) - Individual fade times for each parameter - Configurable faders: HTP, LTP, Speed, Size, Master - Move-in-black cues, split fades and inhibit masters - Client / server network architecture - Multi-console playback tracking - Multi-window extension for laptops - SMPTE, MIDI and RS-232 compatible - Visualization interface for Capture and WYSIWYG - 1 DMX line via XLR 5-pin, 17 additional lines possible via ArtNet Accessories included - Power supply 12V - USB cable - LED Desklamp Google Übersetzer für Unternehmen: Translator ToolkitWebsite-Übersetzerg