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Behind the Brand name "Bugera" is an amp manufacture that specializes in premium tour capable Electric Guitars and Electric Bass amps as well as Electric Guitar Combos and heads. You will also find smaller Boutique style Electric Guitar Combos such as the V5, rising upto the larger 55 Watt Bugera V55, all high grade tube amps at almost embarrassingly cheap prices.

Such models as the 333, 1960, 6260 or the 6262 are classics! These hand made Tube-tops are Guru´s of good sound, designed for ultimate versatility, from Rock to Country, from Metal to Alternative , all of which deliver blistering power, tour reliability and limitless dynamic.

The Bugera BTX36000 hast not been named "The Nuke" for nothing - with a performance of 3.600 Watt, and 2 x 1.800 Watt in stereo - or Bi-Amping, it is the most powerful Bass amp on the market!