Boss ES-5 Effect Loop Switcher

Boss ES-5 Effect Loop Switcher, Little Helper

Item number: 10084142
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Little Helper • Audio Looper • Programmable switching system with 5 Effect Loops • Analog circuit design sonic quality • Free order of Loops • Parallel operation of loops possible • Programmable Input / Output Buffer • Variable Level setting OutputBuffer • Click-free, high quality foot switch • Illuminated LCD display • 200 memory locations • Freely programmable Pedal Functions • Compact body • The Boss ES-5 Effect Loop Switcher is a compact management for pedal boards. The ES-5 is slimmed down only slightly compared with the ES-8, the completely free effect routing of 5 loops in even parallel operation is possible has been retained. Great emphasis is placed on first-class audio data to prevent sound interference. Facilities include 2 programmable control outputs, 2 programmable expression pedal connections, extensive MIDI implementation, and programmable input and output buffers.