Big Poppa Smokers BPS Drum Smoker Kit

Big Poppa Smokers BPS Drum Smoker Kit, Gifts

Item number: 10071490
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Gifts • Barbecue • Including: BARREL NOT included! • The kit contains :
all metal parts • Handles • Temperature display (in Fahrenheit) • Coal net and grill grate • Bottle opener • Stencils and multiboard drill for drilling (inch) • Made in U. S. A. •
Caution: The BARREL is NOT included in the delivery! The next barbecue season is coming. Sterling Ball, a passionate barneque man and multiple winner of the BBQ World Championships (!), Has now developed a so-called "Ugly Drum Smoker". At this point it should be mentioned again that the kit comes WITHOUT the barrel , in order to keep the transport costs and thus the price lower. All other parts are included. So, choose your Barrel, paint in the desired colour, stick the supplied stencils on, drill the holes, screw in the parts and off you go, as Sterling Ball himself still does for his employees in the parking lot in front of the Musicman production hall under the California sun! The Barrel must correspond to 22-24" and have a capacity of 55 gallons, or, in German, 55-59 cm and about 216 liters. Problems with assembly? Just have a look at the video here!
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