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Decades of experience and extremely high demands in the workmanship are the fundamentals of the worldwide reputation of Beyerdynamic´s microphones, -headphones and conference systems. Beyerdynamic products are developed and manly hand assembled under very high quality standards in Heilbronn/Germany. The long list of artists relying on Beyerdynamic include people such as : Sheryl Crow, Type O Negative, The Eagles, Sarah Brightman, Lenny Kravitz, Pat Metheny, Fleetwood Mac, Kings X, The Edge (U2), Sophie Ellis Bexter, Alice Cooper, Chester Thompson, Nico Mc Brain and many more.
The founder of the company, Eugen Beyer invented a pair of dynamic headphones back in 1937 and names them DT 48; they are still in production today.

This was the international break through as an audio specialist for the company Beyerdynamic GmbH & Co. KG that had been founded 1924 in Berlin. Producing at the utmost peak of perfection, Beryerdynamic constantly found new solutions for the ever growing clientele.

A true Disc Bar revolution occurred in 1953 as Beyerdynamic introduced the „ Stick „ a one sided, handheld headphone. During Queen Elizabeth’s inaugural visit to Australia in 1963, the Beyerdynamic M 88 directional microphone was the only microphone to be used. In 1980 again a small revolution took place due to the launch of the DT 880, turning traditions in side out, producing a dynamic headphone with electrostatic output. One of the best studio headphones ever to be made is the DT-770 pro, which has been in production since 1985; Beyerdynamic picked up on many drummers’ wishes to have volume control on the Headphones and released the DT-770 M. In 1988 the Olympic games in Seoul/Korea saw all reporters desks equipped with broadcast headphones (DT 109) by Beyerdynamic. In 1990 Beyerdynamic once again proved its competence in stereo condenser microphones by launching the MC 742. In 1996 the Opus range, a solution set for musicians and the first digital microphone ever made were shown by Beyerdynamic. They hit the bullseye once more with the range of drum microphones made for the Opus series, excellent sound, extremely tough and ingenious fixing, made the Opus 99 and Opus 88 drummers favourite. 2002 was the year that the new generation of swan neck microphones was launched. The very modern design of the 200/800 series makes it easy to implement these microphones into designed environments.
Beyerdynamic has a wide range of products for professional recording situations, such as broadcast, on stage or in the studio. The Beyerdynamic headphones and headsets are very comfortable and reliable to help support professionals whilst at work.
A wide range of true condenser microphones, usually sold in sets and easy to use stereo microphones offer great results without complex positioning (beyerdynamic MCE-72, beyerdynamic 82 und beyerdynamic MC-833)

In 2006 Beyerdynamic took over the company Intercom / Hanover and could significantly extend its portfolio in the field of powerful digital conference components as well as services for individual customer support. In the cause of this takeover, Beyerdynamic also acquired a patent for Revaloto, a digital tabletop conference system.