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Brand Glockenklang Series
  • Space Art


Glockenklang – quality equipment at Musik Produktiv
Products von Glockenklang may not be cheep but they are worth every cent spent on them. Terms such as ‘fidelity’, ‘life’, ‘airy’, and ‘precision“are the most important factors when producing high end products. Glockenklang is a small German Firm based in Herford / Germany and one E-Bass-, PA-, Disco- und DJ-Equipment. First class materials, innovative developments, robust design and a brilliant balance, lead to a fantastic sounding result. The range consists of: Bass systems (Glockenklang soul bass top, Glockenklang uno deluxe 1x15" bassbox, glockenklang Quattro 4x10" Box, Glockenklang acoustic Art MK III Box, Glockenklang Bass Art MK II Wedge i.e.), disco/P.A. (Glockenklang Double zwo S noisegate, Glockenklang impulse Bass 15-H, Glockenklang impuls 20/2 Box, glockenklang compact-10/1 Box i.e.) und Studio (Glockenklang bugatti 120 amplifier glockenklang Bugatti 300 special amp, Glockenklang Double Two S Noisegate, Glockenklang Bugatti 300 Professional ampliefier u.a.). Glockenklang has a very gut reputation amoung bassists looking for the highest possible quality . Well known users include: Andrew Dunbar (The Monsterband), Arnd Geise, Bobby Vega, Michael Beinhorn (LA Producer), Dieter Ilg, Thomas Fichter (Ensemble Modern), Mötle (Mayfair), Kai Eckhardt (Trilok Gurtu Group), Oliver Riedel (Rammstein), Rainer Engelmann (East Blues), Hattler, Kraan, Volker Kaminski (MerQury), Jens-Ulrich Handreka, Pato Munoz, Wilfried Geschwind (Kelly Family), Michael Behnke, Freddy Spierenburg and many more