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ART Splitcompro

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  • Microphone Signal Splitter / Combiner with Phase Invert Switch, Direct Out and Transformer-isolated Out

ART Splitcompro · Splitter

The ART SPLITCom Pro can be used to split or combine low impedance microphone signals. Use the SPLITCom Pro's direct-coupled output and isolated transformer output to split a microphone signal into two, or use it as a combiner to bring in two microphones and pass one signal.

The ART SPLITCom Pro provides one direct-coupled output and one isolated output from a single microphone. Applications include sending the direct microphone output to the main mixer, and the second isolated output to a monitor or recording mixer. The MAIN MIC OUTPUT passes phantom power from the main mixer to the MAIN MIC INPUT for use with condenser microphones. Phantom power is blocked from passing to the ISOLATED MIC OUTPUT.

The PHASE switch inverts the polarity of the ISOLATED MIC INPUT. Applications include dual micing of percussion instruments, choirs, and instrument amplifiers. Phantom power passes through each output to their respective input, (MAIN to MAIN, ISOLATED to ISOLATED), however phantom power is blocked from passing between the MAIN and ISOLATED signal paths. Only the audio passes between the MAIN and ISOLATED signal paths (it is present on all inputs and outputs).

  • Two functions in one box: combines and/or splits microphone signals
  • Phase invert switch for subtractive combining
  • Transformer isolation to block phantom power between channels
  • Ground lift switch to reduce noise due to ground loops


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