American DJ Tri GEM LED

American DJ Tri GEM LED, Disco Effect

Item number: 10013409
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Disco Effect • Effect Type: Radiation effects • Bulbs: 1 LED • Lamp Power: 3 W • DMX addressing: no DMX • Sound to Light: yes • Master / Slave: no • Power Consumption: 30 W • power connection: Schuko ( German Norm) • Colour Mixing: RGBW • Life: 100.000 hours • Size: 220 x 141 x 136 mm • Weight: 2,0 kg • The American DJ Tri GEM LED is a compact but still powerful LED Moonflower, which produces different colour beams due to the TRI LED technology. The very finely ground quality lens produces the TRI GEM razor sharp beams that move to the beat of the music.
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