American DJ DMX Operator 384

American DJ DMX Operator 384, Light Controller

Item number: 10101537
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Light Controller • 2 in 1 Controller (DMX and Midi Controller) • 12 fixtures with 32 DMX channels, 384 total channels • 30 programmable scene banks - 240 total programmable scenes • 12 programmable run lights • 8 control faders x 4-channel banks • Assignable joystick • Speed and fade fader • Built-in microphone or line RCA audio input for music triggers • MIDI input for the scene, chase or darkening triggers • Fog machine input and release button (only for use with ADJ VF1300) • RS-232 input • Blackout button • The DMX Operator 384 is a 19-inch rack controller that controls both DMX and Midi. They control up to 384 DMX channels, and have 30 programmable scene banks (240 programmable scenes in total), 12 programmable runlights and an assignable joystick.
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