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Alesis Q49 « Master KeyboardAlesis Q49, Master Keyboard£ 67,- Alesis Compact4Kit « Percussion PadAlesis Compact4Kit, Percussion Pad£ 59,- Alesis Crimson II Kit « Electronic Drum KitAlesis Crimson II Kit, Electronic Drum Kit£ 735,- Alesis SR-18 « Drum MachineAlesis SR-18, Drum Machine£ 228,- Alesis Perc Pad « Percussion PadAlesis Perc Pad, Percussion Pad£ 71,- Alesis DM Lite Kit « Electronic Drum KitAlesis DM Lite Kit, Electronic Drum Kit£ 199,- Alesis Nitro Mesh Kit « Electronic Drum KitAlesis Nitro Mesh Kit, Electronic Drum Kit£ 352,- Alesis SamplePad 4 « Percussion PadAlesis SamplePad 4, Percussion Pad£ 135,- Alesis Sample Pad Pro « Percussion PadAlesis Sample Pad Pro, Percussion Pad£ 254,- Alesis Surge Mesh Kit « Electronic Drum KitAlesis Surge Mesh Kit, Electronic Drum Kit£ 459,- Alesis Electronic Drum Rack L-Rod Pad Holder « Drum AccessoriesAlesis Electronic Drum Rack L-Rod Pad Holder, Drum Accessories£ 4,45 Alesis VI 49 « Master KeyboardAlesis VI 49, Master Keyboard£ 164,- Alesis Command Mesh Kit « Electronic Drum KitAlesis Command Mesh Kit, Electronic Drum Kit£ 599,- Alesis CompactKit 7 « Percussion PadAlesis CompactKit 7, Percussion Pad£ 119,- Alesis HD24 Caddy « HD-Recording AccessoryAlesis HD24 Caddy, HD-Recording Accessory£ 52,- Alesis NanoVerb 2 « Multi-EffectsAlesis NanoVerb 2, Multi-Effects£ 79,- Alesis Turbo Mesh Kit « Electronic Drum KitAlesis Turbo Mesh Kit, Electronic Drum Kit£ 270,- Alesis Strike Pro Kit « Electronic Drum KitAlesis Strike Pro Kit, Electronic Drum Kit£ 1.994,- Alesis Q25 « Master KeyboardAlesis Q25, Master Keyboard£ 58,- Alesis Pro X HiHat « PadAlesis Pro X HiHat, Pad£ 84,- Alesis Strike Kit « Electronic Drum KitAlesis Strike Kit, Electronic Drum Kit£ 1.679,- Alesis VI 25 « Master KeyboardAlesis VI 25, Master Keyboard£ 129,- Alesis V Mini « Master KeyboardAlesis V Mini, Master Keyboard£ 48,45 Alesis Crimson Electronic Drum Rack Mounting Clamp « Drum AccessoriesAlesis Crimson Electronic Drum Rack Mounting Clamp, Drum Accessories£ 7,05 Alesis Crimson 10" Mesh Pad « PadAlesis Crimson 10" Mesh Pad, Pad£ 119,- Alesis MultiMix 10 wireless « MixerAlesis MultiMix 10 wireless, Mixer£ 296,- Alesis SR-16 « Drum MachineAlesis SR-16, Drum Machine£ 119,- Alesis Strike Expansion Kit « PadAlesis Strike Expansion Kit, Pad£ 382,- Alesis Strike MultiРad « Percussion PadAlesis Strike MultiРad, Percussion Pad£ 617,-


Alesis is an innovative and internationally known company, that has always been anxious to keep its product line up to date, never losing contact with the scene and thus always developing new and innovative gear.

Alesis was founded in 1984 in Hollywood, California by the former MXR employee, Keith Barr, with the goal to develop premium audio products.

The first sensational products by Alesis were the Alesis XT Digital Reverb and the Alesis MidiVerb introduced in 1988. The Alesis QuadraVerb was launched in 1990 and won the Music & Sound Award as "Product of the Year". This success and the following product range resulted in Alesis becoming a studio standard and reference regarding sound and handling.

In the early 90´s Alesis invented the digital multi track recorder and named it "ADAT", that helped ease the work in many recording studios. and temporarily became a studio standard along with Tascam for digital mulitrack recordings. The digital 8-track recorder was very flexible and marked a turning for the recording industry and revolutionised studio work.
The Alesis engineers went one Step further and introduced technologies such as ADAT Optical and ADAT Sync that are still technical standards today.

Further well known Alesis products are the analog synthesiser Alesis A6 Andromeda and the Alesis airFX, an effect used by many DJs, as well as the legendary Alesis QS-Series (QS-6/QS-7/QS-8) that are still very popular due to the moderate prices. After a reorganisation phase in 2001, Alesis is still running at full throttle developing new products and technologies, supporting the creativity of musicians.

Apart from that Alesis is one of a handful of manufactures developing an own ASIC - DSP. The awarded technologies can be found in many products of third party manufactures. All options for future technologies are kept open by Alesis own developments. Not long ago Alesis returned to the keyboard world with the Fusion 6HD/Fusion 8HD and would like to rebuild its synth-workstation reputation, let’s wait and see…