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AKG is an Austrian company specialised in producing home entertainment equipment and accessories both for the professional, as well as the home sector. The AKG product range is based on wireless and wired headphones and microphones.

Following the companies motto „Believe in Your Passion“ AKG dedicates all its passion and know How into the development and manufacturing of trend setting microphone and headphone technologies. In more then 50 years countless awards have been won and over 1400 international patents registered.

Even in years benefit still will be made from the AKG products and services. AKGs aim is to develop and offer real acoustic innovations and not to follow short-term trends.
AKG-Products are in use worldwide, many renown recording studios; radio & TV stations, theatres and clubs rely on AKG products. Top rock & pop stars and classic musicians also count as top references for AKG.

The company was founded in 1947 as the "Akustische und Kino-Geraete Gesellschaft m.b.H in Vienna. The success transformed AKG from a small company with only 2 employees - Dr. Rudolf Goerike and Ing. Ernst Pless – into a global player of the 90s with 3 affiliates in Germany, the UK and the US plus company shares in Germany, Britain, France, Japan and India.

AKG has 104 representative companies or foreign distributors in nearly every country of the world. Till 1975 the two founders ran the company, in the years that followed a major change in management and shareholders influenced the expansion politics and the product range significantly.

Since 1997 AKG Acoustics GmbH has its headquarters in Vienna. It´s reputation is built on its range of high-grade microphones, headphones, as well as professional broadcasting and studio equipment. Another important supportive branch is the industry & telecommunication market. Since 2004 AKG acoustics is part of the Harman-International-Gruppe, that includes companies such as JBL, Infinity, Pyle, Becker Radio, Harman Kardon, Studer, Lexicon, Soundcraft, Digitech, Crown, dbx, BSS Audio ad DOD.

Some of the classics are: microphones AKG D 3800 MS Modular, AKG D 112, AKG C 4000 B, AKG C 414 B-XL II and AKG SolidTube; studio headphones AKG K 701, AKG K 601, AKG K271 und AKG K 181 DJ and digital surround-wireless headphones AKG Hearo 999 Audiosphere.