AKG Discreet Schwanenhals GN 15

AKG Discreet Schwanenhals GN 15, Mic Accessories

Item number: 2702219
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Mic Accessories • Schwanenhals module with 15 cm length and screw connection • Robust execution • High contact safety with the capsule module • Integrated LED ring for visual inspection • Integrated switchable bass cut mini-XLR plug or open cable ends • Bass attenuation filter: 250 Hz, -10 dB at 50 Hz • Electrical impedance: <= 600 Ohm • Recommended load impedance: > = 2,000 Ohm • Supply voltage: 9-52 V Phantom power according to DIN / IEC • Current consumption: <3 mA • Connector; 3 pol. Mini XLR connector • Cable: 1.5 m • Surface: dark gray, matt • Net weight GN 15: 72 g • Warning Discontinued: only one item in stock!
AKG GN 15 For the permanent installation by means of screw thread, AKG offers Swan necks in the following lengths: approx. 15 cm (GN 15), approx. 30 cm (GN 30) and approx. 50 cm (GN 50). All models are supplied with an in-line phantom power adapter module (DPA) with an integrated bass roll-off from 200 Hz as well as LED ON / OFF function, suitable for all commercially available mixing consoles with a supply voltage of 9-52 V. A mini XLR Connector allows the threading of the cable through holes as small as 11 mm in diameter. This saves large bores as well as painstaking removal and soldering of the considerably larger phantom power adapter during assembly. The phantom power supply adapter of the GN series simplifies the design of the swan jaws significantly since the required bore diameter only needs to be large enough to allow a mini-XLR connection to be passed through. In addition, the built-in Bass Cuts can be adjusted easily on the cable. The phantom power adapter can process any applied phantom power from 9 - 52 V, providing the required voltage for the condensate capsule and the illuminating ring.