AER Compact 60 III

AER Compact 60 III, Acoustic Guitar Amp

Item number: 6602001
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Acoustic Guitar Amp • Power (watts rms): 60 W (4 Ohm) • Number of channels: 2 • Electronics: 2 and 3 Band EQ • Effects: Reverb / Chorus • LF driver: 1x 8" • Twin channel compact acoustic amplifier • 60-Watts 4-ohms • 4 digital effects: short reverb, long reverb, 320ms delay, chorus • High-end line input stage • Three band tone control • Colour filter • Tuner • Stereo jack headphones output mutes speaker • DI output: XLR balanced preamp output • Effect-loop • Footswitch effect on/off • 48V Phantom power • AER Compact 60 Acoustic Amp - Size doesn't matter. This acoustic guitar combo amplifier was developed after the Acousticube, on which its concept is based. With the Compact 60 AER succeeded in leaving the "boutique-corner". They were able to prove that an all-round, small, powerful and yet simple complete solution for both stage and home use does exist which furthermore can live up to high standards. Features: Twin channel compact acoustic amplifier 60-Watts 4-ohms 4 digital effects high end line input stage three band tone control tuner- line phones- di-out effect- loop footswitch effect on/off This system has an 8-inch twin-cone speaker-system with 60-watts of power and fully developed dynamic control. The Compact 60 is small in size, but this powerful twin-channel acoustic guitar amplifier is specially designed to reproduce the sound quality of your instrument and your voice in a natural manner. The electronics are carefully designed to deal with piezoceramic pick-ups, microphones and any sort of line signal.
  • DIMENSIONS: 10.24" height,13.00" width, 9.06" deep
  • CHANNEL 1: High impedance unbalanced input for instruments (pick-ups) and line-level sources
  • CHANNEL 2: Switchable instrument or microphone input XLR and 1/4-inch Combo socket
  • OUTPUTS: tuner, line, DI, and effects send
  • SPEAKER: 8-inch twin cone speaker-system
  • POWER AMP: 60 watts / 4 ohm rms
  • WEIGHT: 18.74 lbs