Äolis Kalevala

Äolis Kalevala, Cantel

Item number: 100034415
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Cantel • Top: Solid Spruce • Body Material: solid red alder • Tuning: Pentatonic • Strings: 10 strings • Strings: d' e' g' a' h' d'' e'' g'' a'' h'' • Including: Tuning key • The Soprana Kalevala is suitable for children from three years up with its bright, strong sound. In a pentatonic tuning, it facilitates free playing and responds with harmonic melodies. Through the construction and the choice of wood, the vibration of the sounding edge is felt on the hand and body. In the Folk sayings of the Finns, Kalevala , music is healing and redeeming power. It drives out the evil spirits - invites the good ones, to dance and to party. Äolis instruments are entirely handmade. The sound bodies of the stringed instruments are cut from a single piece of wood. As a result, the vibration in the instrument is not interrupted by glue points or cross-pieces, the player can clearly sense the vibrations of the sound body. This design was developed by Äolis and is protected by an international patent. The tops of the stringed instruments are made of solid spruce. All instruments are light and easy to handle for children. The surfaces are coated with natural resin varnish.

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