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Active Subwoofer Adam Audio Sub8
Active Subwoofer Adam Audio Sub8Active Subwoofer Adam Audio Sub8 (1)

Adam Audio Sub8

(19 Ratings)
  • Components: 1x 8"
  • Power amp output: 160 W
  • Amplifier class: PWM
  • Crossover: adjustable, 50 - 150 Hz
  • Frequency Response (+/-3 dB): 28 Hz - 150 Hz
  • Analogue Inputs: XLR-L/R, RCA-L/R
  • Analogue Outputs: XLR-L/R, RCA-L/R
  • Other in/outputs: None
  • Controls: Gain Control, Crossover Control, Sat-Filter (85 Hz/flat), Phase Switch, Standby Mode, Power on/off
  • Color/ Finish: Black
  • Weight: 12,0 kg
  • Dimensions: 260 x 410 x 380 mm
  • Including: Subwoofer, Power Cord, Remote Control
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Adam Audio Sub8 · Active Subwoofer

The Sub8 houses an excellent 8“ woofer with a large 50 mm voicecoil, and is driven by a 160 W ICE Power amp. This amp stays cool while handling maximum power levels even if they are sustained.
The front baffle features two motorized knobs that let you tailor input level and crossover frequency settings for the best performance in your studio. These knobs can be controlled with an included wireless remote, allowing you to optimize your sound reproduction from your ideal listening position.

The Sub8 is an ideal match for ADAM monitors such as the ANF10, P11A, S1A and S2A. In addition to a traditional black model, ADAM will also offer a silver version that will be a perfect complement to the Artist desktop monitor.

The Sub8 subwoofer from ADAM is a great way to affordably boost the low end power of your monitoring setup. The low frequencies are the hardest frequencies for monitor speakers to accurately reproduce, and the addition of a subwoofer can greatly increase the accuracy and translation of a mix. With the Sub8, ADAM brings an affordable means to boost the low end frequency response of your monitoring system.

ADAM Sub8 Subwoofer At a Glance:

8" Driver with 160W ICE Power Amp

Front Panel Controls with Remote

Balanced and Unbalanced Inputs

8" Driver with160W ICE Power Amp
The ADAM Sub8 Subwoofer pushes its low end through an excellent 8" woofer with a large 50mm voicecoil. The 8" woofer is powered by a 160W ICE Power Amp for a powerful bass sound. With the Sub8, you´ll never have to deal with wimpy bass response again. And the Sub8´s Power Amp stays cool even while consistently handling sustained maximum power levels, ensuring that your Sub8 will perform day in, day out.

Front Panel Controls with Remote
Located on the front of the Sub8 are two motorized knobs that allow you to set the input level and crossover frequency to optimize the Sub8 for your monitoring setup. ADAM included a wireless remote control with the Sub8 so that the controls can be adjusted from the optimal listening position to maximize the effectiveness of the Sub8´s integration into your studio setup.

Balanced and Unbalanced Inputs
The Sub8 is equipped with both balanced and unbalanced outputs to accommodate a variety of input sources. The balanced XLR input allows connection to mixing boards or other balanced gear, while the RCA inputs allow the Sub8 to connect to a host of studio or consumer audio equipment. The Sub8 is the perfect way to add a strong bottom end to your monitoring setup.

ADAM Sub8 Subwoofer Features:

Driver: 8"

Free air resonance: 28 Hz

Voice coil: 50 mm

Cone material: Coated paper

Built in amps: 160 W/240 W

Frequency response ±3dB 28 Hz-150 Hz

THD >80Hz ?1 %

112 dB SPL

Crossover frequency: 50 - 150 Hz

Variable Input gain: -40 - +12 dB

Phase switch: 0° / 180°

Balanced XLR and Unbalanced RCA Inputs

Warranty 2 years

Boost your low end power with the Sub8 from ADAM!

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Product information

  1. Components1x 8"
  2. Power amp output160 W
  3. Amplifier classPWM
  4. Crossoveradjustable, 50 - 150 Hz
  5. Frequency Response (+/-3 dB)28 Hz - 150 Hz
  6. Analogue InputsXLR-L/R, RCA-L/R
  7. Analogue OutputsXLR-L/R, RCA-L/R
  8. Other in/outputsNone
  9. Color/ FinishBlack
  10. Weight12,0 kg
  11. Dimensions260 x 410 x 380 mm
  12. IncludingSubwoofer, Power Cord, Remote Control
  • Controls: Gain Control, Crossover Control, Sat-Filter (85 Hz/flat), Phase Switch, Standby Mode, Power on/off
Dept. Recording/KeyboardsJonas Ahrens

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Rashit Dzhukaev on 22.01.2017

very good and practical!

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