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Yamaha APX700II BL « Acoustic GuitarYamaha APX700II BL, Acoustic Guitar£ 499,- Yamaha APX700II VS « Acoustic GuitarYamaha APX700II VS, Acoustic Guitar£ 514,- Yamaha APX600 BL « Acoustic GuitarYamaha APX600 BL, Acoustic Guitar£ 239,- Yamaha APX1200II TBL « Acoustic GuitarYamaha APX1200II TBL, Acoustic Guitar£ 1.126,- Yamaha APX600 OBB « Acoustic GuitarYamaha APX600 OBB, Acoustic Guitar£ 235,- Yamaha APX600 OVS « Acoustic GuitarYamaha APX600 OVS, Acoustic Guitar£ 279,- Yamaha APX700II NT « Acoustic GuitarYamaha APX700II NT, Acoustic Guitar£ 499,- Yamaha APX700IIL NT « Lefthand AcousticYamaha APX700IIL NT, Lefthand Acoustic£ 543,-

Yamaha APX

The legendary Yamaha APX series is excellent for playing and sound characteristics. The extremely slim design and the cutaway allow for easy playing in the upper frets. For years, the Yamaha APX series the most reliable live guitar at all and thus explains the large spread on stages all over the world. The APX series is characterized by a rich sound in the midrange and treble. Even the soft lead sound is always has nice accents and makes each performance a memorable experience.

The high end Yamaha APXs includes a pick-up system, based on contact microphones, which are mounted on the underside of the guitar top.
This system produces a clear and defined sound and a higher output before feeding back.