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Brand Stanford


The sonorous name of the American elite university of Stanford is used by the Czech guitar Luther Frantisek Furch as a brand name for his instruments. He offers quality built instruments to attractive prices. All Stanford guitars are made by hand in the Czech Republic. Only the best timber from India, Honduras, Africa, North America and Europe is used for Stanford guitars. Among other newcomers, Stanford guitars have established themselves in the upper-middle class of acoustic guitars. Those seeking for a good guitar don’t automatically have to pick an American model anymore. The Stanford custom Guitars are now ready to crown the Stanford production line: the Dreadnoughts, OM (Orchestra Model) and F-Style follow the classic American design lines. Passion and perfection are virtues incorporated by many guitar builders, when a company includes experimental courage and innovational power, then instruments are build that set new standards in sound, craftsmanship and value for money. Today Stanford guitars belong to the best instruments in the middle and upper price sections. The product range consists of : Arch top series (Stanford Arch-top “Belle-Aire”), Artist series (Stanford artist M-series, Stanford artist 1-series and Stanford artist 5-series), stage series (Stanford Stage S1 „Miracle-Series“, Stanford Stage S2 “Miracle-Series” and Stanford SuperStage), mandolin series (Stanford mandolin 1 series, Stanford mandolin 2 series and Stanford mandolin 3 professional series, performer series (Stanford Performer-Series PS 10, Stanford Performer-Series PS 20 und Stanford Performer-Series PS 21) and Monterey series (Stanford monterey 15 series, Stanford monterey 15 acoustic Bass “Big-Sur” and Stanford monterey 18 series). The product range has been extended with new attractive models from the new Stanford Monterey series. This series is reduced to the minimum to provide the ambitious guitarist a reasonably priced, professional instrument. Stanford custom guitars are played by Axel Wolph, Joe Chester, Tobias Regner and Marc Awounou. Stanford custom guitars are now well known all over the world and have become an epitome for outstanding quality. With his creativity, know how and open mindness toward new technologies, Frantisek Furch has managed to lift his instruments into the highest league of guitar manufacturing. His sure instinct for aesthetics imparts a special character to his instruments made up of individuality and charm. In tests and comparisons, Stanford always reaches top ranks. They have also won the "GEAR OF THE YEAR 2003" awarded by the English magazine GUITAR.