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Lakewood D-32 CP « Acoustic GuitarLakewood D-32 CP, Acoustic Guitar£ 2.398,- Lakewood A-32 CP « Acoustic GuitarLakewood A-32 CP, Acoustic Guitar£ 2.484,- Lakewood J-32 Bariton « Acoustic GuitarLakewood J-32 Bariton, Acoustic Guitar£ 2.227,-

Lakewood Deluxe

Lakewood's traditional designs use classic tone woods combinations like spruce and rosewood. The superior design of these guitars guarantees a full and transparent sound with maximum projection. The different body designs of the Deluxe range differ soundwise and are designed to suit for different playing styles from fingerstyle up to bluegrass. Finest wood marquetry, pearl inlays and high-gloss lacquer finishes transfer the spirit of this series.