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Brand LAG


The French guitar manufacturer is located in Bédarieux (South France). In 1978 the French rock star Michel Chavarria and his friend Daniel Delfour - a well-known violin builder - decided to set up a workshop for the repairs, specification and reconstruction of electric and acoustic guitars.

The old workshop of his grand-father, who used to be a painter, became a meeting point for guitarists with broken guitars and special sound wishes who wanted to have their guitars fixed or tuned.

After the success and increasing popularity of the workshop, the first sketches of guitar prototypes were designed with their own LAG-label. Today nearly 1500 e-guitars and 800 acoustic guitars are hand-made in the workshop in Bédarieux.

The LAG product range of the manufacturer can be devided into a standard and a masters series. The models of the LAG Master Series are hand-made and in the upper price category. The LAG Standard Series consists of inexpensive Asian productions for beginners and middle-classed models which are copy-designed of the master models. Guitars from LAG are signified by their high-quality materials and workmanship and quality components like e. g. the pickups von Seymour Duncan and EMG.

The LAG e-guitar models are: die LAG Jet, LAG die Arkane und die LAG Roxane. An acoustic guitar series with the name "Four Seasons" is also on offer. Well-known LAG endorsers are Frank Zappas´son Dweezil, the Motörhead-guitarist Phil Campbell and the guitarist of the band Liv Kristine Dimi Argyoropoulos.

Frist-classed instruments have been produced in South France for the past 25 years. Since the beginning of the 80s the name LAG stands for high-quality guitars made of very rare woods. Michel Chavarria, founder and mastermind of the French instrument builder, founded LAG in South France and made it successful and famous in the whole world.