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Ibanez AN60-BSM « Acoustic GuitarIbanez AN60-BSM, Acoustic Guitar£ 152,- Ibanez AW54LCE-OPN « Lefthand AcousticIbanez AW54LCE-OPN, Lefthand Acoustic£ 249,- Ibanez Artwood AC240-OPN « Acoustic GuitarIbanez Artwood AC240-OPN, Acoustic Guitar£ 219,- Ibanez Artwood AC320-ABL « Acoustic GuitarIbanez Artwood AC320-ABL, Acoustic Guitar£ 287,- Ibanez ArtwoodAW320-VBF « Acoustic GuitarIbanez ArtwoodAW320-VBF, Acoustic Guitar£ 291,- Ibanez AW54L-OPN « Acoustic GuitarIbanez AW54L-OPN, Acoustic Guitar£ 236,- Ibanez AW54MINIGB-OPN « Acoustic GuitarIbanez AW54MINIGB-OPN, Acoustic Guitar£ 210,- Ibanez AW70-BK « Acoustic GuitarIbanez AW70-BK, Acoustic Guitar£ 172,-

Ibanez Artwood

The Artwood series of Ibanez is the best known of all Ibanez acoustic guitar series. These acoustic guitars with cutaway body combine great design, beauty and a sophisticated sound. Altogether, this series offers seven different models.

In the ECE and CE models, the Artwood series is combined with high-quality electronics. These acoustic guitars are equipped with the Fishman pickups and preamps professional. Some models also with B-Brand pickups combined with Ibanez preamp and provide additional SRTn an integrated tuner.