Fulltone Robin Trower Overdrive

Fulltone Robin Trower Overdrive, Guitar Effect

Item number: 100057580
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Guitar Effect • Effect Type: Overdrive • Technology: Analog • Special Features: True bypass • Mono / Stereo: Mono In, Mono Out • Signature Overdrive Pedal
Great overdrive tones • Dynamic roll back guitar volume for different tones • Volume, Tone, and Drive controls • Fulltone's RTO Robin Trower Overdrive pedal offers an big thick overdriven guitar tones. RTO is touch responsive, allowing every nuance of your playing to shine through, Chords sound huge and with plenty of sustain. Roll back the volume, giving you great dynamics in real time. RTO is built for Fenders and Marshalls, but responds well to all types of guitars and amps. Add excellent touch responsive, dynamic tones to your guitar rig, the Robin Trower Overdrive.