Focal CMS SUB, Active Subwoofer

Item number: 10043926
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Active Subwoofer • Power amp output: 300 watts • Frequency Response (+/-3 dB): 30 Hz - 250 Hz • Special Features: 24dB/octave variable Low Pass Filter • Connections: Left, Right, LFE, balanced XLR (10kohm), 1/4-inch jack for foot switch • External Dimensions: 435 x 366 x 440 mm • Weight: 23 kg • The Focal CMS SUB is a 300-watt active studio sub-woofer with 11-inch speaker and Level, Lowpass, and Phase Controls. When you add Focals 300-watt active CMS SUB subwoofer to your monitor setup, you instantly improve your studio. The 11-inch CMS SUB doesnt simply add low-end content to your system; it also gives you the detail needed to hear what youre doing to the low end in your mixes. The CMS SUB includes sub level, lowpass frequency, and phase adjustment controls, polarity and mute switches so you can match the sub to a particular monitor system. Other features of the Focal CMS SUB include a frequency response of 30Hz-250Hz, maximum SPL of 113dB, Left, right, LFE electronically balanced inputs, and Left, right 3 pin XLRM outputs in parallel to the inputs. When youre in a critical listening situation, you demand accuracy and reliability. Focal built the CMS SUB sub woofer to give you both.