Fender Mustang IV

Fender Mustang IV, Guitar Amp

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Guitar Amp • Technology: Modelling • Power: 2 x 75 W • Channels: 1 • Loudspeakers: 2x 12" • Loudspeaker Type: Celestion G12 T100/8 Ohm • EQ: Bass/mids/treble • Inserts: Series • Effects: Effects Processer • Impedance: 8 ohms • Including: Footswitch • 150W 2 x 12" Guitar Combo Amp with 100 Amp Presets and 37 Effects • The Fender Mustang IV guitar combo amplifier features 100 preset amp sounds paired with 37 different effects. All this sound is pumped through a pair of 12-inch Celestion speakers. And with 150 watts of power available, volume will never be an issue. The Mustang IV connects to your computer via USB and you use the FUSE software. The Fender Mustang IV is a 150-Watt open-back combo amp with 2 - 12-inch Celestion speakers. It contains 100 amp presets derived from 12 different amp models that deliver tones from vintage Fender sparkle to modern metal distortion, and 37 different effects in four categories (stomp, modulation, delay and reverb), all easily and instantly accessed. The Mustang IV combo is great for rehearsing, jamming and small gigs, and the 1/8" headphone jack doubles as a speaker-emulated line out. Further, connect Mustang IV to your computer with its USB output and use the included Fender Fuse software to control parameters, deep editing, additional effects, unlimited preset storage, online preset swapping with the Fender Fuse community, and free Fender artist presets. The Mustang IV combo's included programmable four-button footswitch controls preset up/down, quick access, effects on/off and tap tempo. Mustang IV packs it all into a striking visual design with sleek and modern Fender styling that provides a look that's as desirable as the sound.