Fender GT1000 Green Tuner

Fender GT1000 Green Tuner, Tuner

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Tuner • Instrument: Guitar and bass • Design: Pocket device • Chromatic: Yes • Wind up tuner • No batteries required • Environmentally friendly • In these days of enviromentally friendly products, carbon footprints, re-cycling etc etc ...It wasn't going to be long before the music industry was encouraged to join the fight to save our planet. Well we are happy to report that Fender are one of the first companies to take up the challenge by producing a "Green" tuner. The GT-1000 is green in every sense of the word as its doesn't even use batteries ... The tuner is actually finished in a pleasant green colour and on the front has a circular "crank" charger with wind-up handle, the tuner itself is chromatic and includes a built-in microphone, flashlight (for those dark stages) a power button and a calibration button with the jack input located to the side. The first time you use the Chromatic Green Tuner it’s a good idea to “prime” the power cells by turning the crank 20 times. Any time you use it after that, 5 to 10 turns will do the trick. No need to charge it unless the lights on the tuner are dim. To conserve cell power, it's probably also a good idea to turn the power off when not in use.