ESP LTD Signature TA200 Tom Araya

ESP LTD Signature TA200 Tom Araya, Electric Bass Guitar

Item number: 10061923
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Electric Bass Guitar • Colour / Finish: Black • Technology: Solid Body • Neck construction: Bolt on neck • Strings: 4-string • Frets: 24 • Scale: Extra long scale • Scale Length: 35" (88,90 cm) • Body Material: Basswood • Neck: Maple • Body Shape: Designer • Fretboard: Rosewood • Fretboard Inlays: Designer • Pickup type: Humbucker • Hardware: Black Nickel • E-Bass ESP LTD Signature TA200 Tom Araya LTD Signature Series 4 string bass in black Features: Body from Basswood Bridge/Tremolo: ESP BB-04 Bridge Fingerboard from Rosewood Frets: 24 Hardware: Black Neck Joint: Bolt-on Neck Material: Maple Scale: 35" Controls: Volume, balance, tone Pickups: EMG 35-HZ set Inlays: Pentagram with model name at 24th fret Another in the fine line of LTD Signature Series Bass Guitars from ESP, the TA200 is built in coordination with Tom Araya and is ideal for the player looking to rock just as hard as the Slayer guitarist. Features include Pentagram inlays and EMG 35-HZ pickups.

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