ESP LTD B-55FM STRSB, Electric Bass Guitar

Item number: 10058225
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Electric Bass Guitar • Colour / Finish: See Thru Red Sunburst • Technology: Solid Body • Neck construction: Bolt on neck • Strings: 5-string • Frets: 24 • Scale: Long scale • Scale Length: 34" (86,36 cm) • Body Material: Basswood • Top: Figured Maple (Flame / Tiger / Curly Maple) • Neck: Maple • Body Shape: Designer • Fretboard: Rosewood • Fretboard Inlays: Dot inlays • Pickup type: 1 x P-style + 1 x J-style • Hardware: Chrome • Basic and without frills, the ESP LTD B-55 5-String Bass Guitar packs 2 ESP pickups (a split-coil and single-coil) for a range of gutsy tone. Extra-jumbo frets make it easy to play. Agathis body. Maple neck with rosewood fretboard. 2 volume controls and one tone control.

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